Great courses and events for the day

The Power of "10" : Bobbie Lee

Join us for an exhilarating opening session on the "The Power of 10"! AGC's Executive Director will share the benefits of inquiry and advocacy in the Early Childhood Setting. She will share the importance of collaboration and partnership in and out of the classroom.

What Is In Your Toolbox? : Cheryl Turner

Behavioral issues can impact every aspect of a preschooler’s successful growth and development as needs and feelings are often communicated through behavior. Based on principles of positive discipline, social-emotional development and brain-based learning, this training will focus on practical strategies for cultivating social emotional learning and using the most effective and developmentally appropriate strategies for responding to behavioral challenges.

"Why you should come back from lunch"? : Shawn Brown

Have you ever left for lunch and not come back? Teachers, directors, cooks, bus drivers. Come be encouraged and empowered to excel with motivational edu-tainer "Shawn Brown" for a exhilarating, engaging and interactive closing session that will leave you geared for success.

Professional Learning Communities and Coaching : Kristin Goetz

What are PLCs?  This workshop introduces participants to the core principles of professional learnin

What’s all this talk about PLCs? This workshop introduces participants to the core principles of professional learning communities (PLCs) and how they can be an asset to the journey of professional development at any level. Participants will learn about different protocol types and experience multiple protocols that can be used as tools for building communities of collaboration.

Interviewing for Stars : Rachael LaVoie

Having a quality interview process can lead to better-performing, long-term staff that are a good fit for your program. This session will discuss legal issues and best practice tips for interviewing, explore the specific questions that tell us what we really want to know, and demonstrate how “working interviews” can be essential in helping find the best candidates to serve the children and families in our care.

Effective Leadership : Dr. Alisha Leverett

Are you leading others to succeed or fail?

An interactive training for managers and leaders to enhance their leadership abilities, techniques, and skills. The training is designed to increase productivity, enhance problem-solving skills and leadership qualities needed to effectively lead a team. 

Three Strikes, You’re Out- Now What? : Cheryl Turner

Experiencing consequences is a key part of the learning process when children make mistakes. When consequences don’t result in changed behavior, it is stressful for teachers, parents and children. When used ineffectively, consequences rarely foster permanent behavior change. Based on principles of positive discipline, emotional intelligence and brain based learning, this session will examine how consequences can effectively motivate children as they learn new skills. 

Safety Throughout the Day : Elaine Cupp

Participants will learn about safety in and out of the classroom and how to design a safe educational environment. 

Having Difficult Conversations with Parents - Elaine Cupp

Participants will learn how to conduct parent conferences and have those difficult conversations pertaining to growth and development.

Diversity in the Early Childhood Classroom- Elaine Cupp

This session addresses issues of diversity and equality in all sectors of the early childhood field.

Extending the Story - Heather Cupp

Participants will have the opportunity to explore familiar children’s literature to develop exciting hands-on activities to connect literacy activities to other domains of child development. Participants will make and take activities to utilize with the children they serve.

Understanding Childen's Behaviors

Workshop to help participants support the individual needs of infants and toddlers and identify five probable causes of poor behavior when we cant meet their needs.